Pro Installation Service

1. is now offering an installation service on selected products which includes our installation team delivering, unpacking and assembling the product ensuring that it fitted correctly and safely. Specialists will coordinate installation day with customer before arrival.

2. Choose installation when ordering log cabin in product page.

3. After the order is complete, we will contact you and will coordinate installation date that is the most suitable for you.

4. A flat concrete or paved base ideal for the size of the building must lay prior ready installation. If on arrival the base is not suitable, the customer will become liable for the installation service fee. The product can leave on site, and the customer will give the option to assemble the building themselves, or a return visit can arrange subject to payment of additional installation service.

5. Payment after installation. You can choose to pay all money during your order or pay after installation.

Installation 1
 Installation 2

Installation 3