Log Cabins Buying Guide

If you require some extra living space in your home, need additional work place for home office or just to cover from cold weather and safely store garden tools, then our Log cabins is a perfect sulution. Our Log Cabins are high quality buildings constructed from interlocking tongue and groove timber. Wall boards slots togeather for a quick and easy installation.

Choose size of your cabin

Our Log cabins come in an large assortment of sizes. The most smallest could be 2 meters width and 2 meters lenght and the most comfortable will be 5 or even more meters in lenght and width. Each size are suitable for different functions. If you want to use log cabin as a garden office for several people or gym, then you will need larger cabin. If you want to use log cabin as a children game room or just want to store some tools or need extra living  space, you might look for a smaller options.

Log cabin details

Long lasting and durable floor

We support with the most suitable floor to meet client requirements. If you want to build your own floor we can include just bearers. Our standart floor boards are 18 mm thickness tongue and groove floor that are suitable for all seasons. Our biggest log cabins comes witt 28 mm floor boards that have much more timber than standart and gives more long lasting durability. If you are planning to use log house only to store some tools you can save money and order log cabin without any floor.

M  E

Full spectrum of wall boards

Walls are made from interlocking boards that makes strond building. All wall boards have groove from one side and tongue from the other and putting one boards on another they intelock and make strong construction.  Log cabins walls are available in different thick. Most popular are 28, 34, and 44 mm. 28 mm wall boards are like a regular and suitable for warmer weather. During autumn and winter with small heater assistance it will be enought to have 34 mm walls. If you are going to use log cabin during the winter quite often, we recommend  44 mm wall boards that have double groove and tongue construction and with heater construction it will be comfortable to be during cold weather. 44 mm wall boards are most universal  and most popular in the countries where bed weather is a constant during whole year. You can use this king of cabin whole year and they will cover you from cold weather or strong wind. From our experience we can recommend that it is always better to buy the thickest walls that you can afford.

Junctions  N

Comfortable entrance for your family and belongings

Our single doors  are 1,9 m tall and are enought for majority people. Double doors are 1,42 m width and that are perfect for transporting furniture or other belongings. Logzacinszone.com use only highest grade of quality and glazing. 28 and 34 mm Log Cabins have 4 mm glass and all 44 mm and above Log cabins have double glass. If you wish to use your cabin during summer time, the single windows and doors will be perfectly suitable for you. The double glass doors will increase the safety, and reliability of the cabin, will save warmth and they are perfect if you are going to use Log Cabin during whole year. Security is very important and you really need strong door that will protect your home. Our doors includes the necessary high grade deadlock with a set of keys.  To increase security with some models we offer blinds for windows and doors. You will always feel safe and secure with a logcabinszone.com doors.

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Tilt and turn windows with extra protection

It is possible to choose different types of windows. You can choose single or double glass. Double glass will provide more protection, absorb more noise and in your cabin will be warmer during the winter time. All 44 mm and above Log cabins have windows with double glass. To provide more convenience our cabins have tilt and turn opening options.

H  I  J  K  L

Strong roof boards for all kind of Log Cabins and protection options

If you want to use log cabin for many year you need reliable roof protection. Standart protection provides 3,6 mm Bitumen felt covering for basic weather proofing. Advanved option would be heavy duty roof shingles that are much stronger and durable. In order to be even more protected we offer all roof boards of 18 mm thicknesses that will keep any moisture out of your cabin and will keep you and your belongings save and dry.

Roof  Roof boards  Bitumen felt